Amazon Echo vs. Google Home

    Amazon Echo and Google Home

    A smart home automation speaker built by Google named as Google Home is like same as other smart speakers, i.e., Amazon Echo or dot. This particular device is capable of doing different varieties of works like calling, texting, music, news, or weather and asks a question with just voice commands.

    A virtual assistant named Amazon Echo (Alexa) developed by Amazon to simplify the daily use of speakers in everyday life. A home automation system can control several other smart devices that provide news, music, voice control, and other different functionalities.

    Both are a smart speaker that is used by individuals to make some of the daily tasks easier by recording or playing through just voice commands. There is not much difference in their functionalities. But they very much different in terms of features and capabilities with one another.

    Both being a personal assistant it depends upon the owner how he or she chooses to use it. As the two of the biggest name in the tech world, Amazon Echo and the Google Home are very much decorated speakers in terms of smart technology. They are becoming more and more useful with every single passing day.

    Both the Google Home and Amazon Echo and their virtual assistant answers to the questions asked by the user, which allows flexibility to do daily task routinely. Though Amazon Echo has an early lead over Google Home as it was launched earlier in November 2014 where-as Google Home was launched in November 2016. There are different versions of both the Amazon Echo and Google Home device. But they differ with each other in terms of shape, size, color, weight, height, price, and functions.

    Variations of Google Home and Amazon Echo

    There are different variations for both the devices which uses the smart technology provided by Google and Amazon which are tabulated as follows:

    Google Home DevicesVariants
    HomeCylindrical speaker (5.62) inches
    Home mini Pebble like 4 inches diameter
    Home max Larger version of the original device
    Home hub/ Nest hub With display 7inches touch screen
    Nest hub max Upgraded version of next hub with 10 inches touchscreen display

    Amazon (Alexa) devices variants
    Echo Cylindrical speaker (9.25) inches
    Echo dot Hockey puck sized
    Amazon tap Small portable version of Echo.
    Echo plus Connects common wireless smart devices
    Echo auto Device designed for cars (Bluetooth con.) which gives directions.

    As given in the above table is just the inbuilt physical properties of both the devices and their varied versions that are available in the market. From the above table, we can figure that both the device Amazon Echo and Google Home has their versions of smart speakers that are available in the market. As per the needs and requirement of the individual one can buy all the above devices online or they can visit the tech store which sales these devices.

    Along with all the above information, there is specific feature variation in both the Google Home and Amazon Echo device, which is described as below:

    Which is better (Alexa or Google)?

    It’s hard to compare because they both are similar and depends on the individual using them. Based on the launch period and versions of the smart speakers, the Amazon Echo has more versions of the smart speakers than that of the Google Home speakers.

    What is the basic difference between Google Home and Amazon Echo?

    The fundamental difference is that Google Home can integrate with other smart home appliances to control the activity which Amazon Echo cannot. Google Home is more call friendly than that of the Amazon Echo devices that provides an edge for the Google Home over Amazon Echo.

    Google Home and Amazon Echo (Smart features)

    Both the devices have similar smart features as one can speak to it. And accordingly, they reply, which makes them do whatever we like, such as play music, set timer, news, and another assigned task. Both Amazon and Google are improving their features day by day in their platform.

    Google Home is capable of pairing with third-party smart home devices. This feature allows controlling the accessories like a smart bulb, smart fan, or any of the smart device connected to it. The smart home automation system of Google Home responds easily and quickly to the voice commands provided to it.

    Both the in-house and third-party services are inbuilt in the Google Home device so that it can easily integrate to the services asked by the user and serve accordingly. It integrates with the google play music or Spotify and iHeart radio for music service, YouTube or Netflix or google photos for videos and photos, google colander and google keep for tasks as well as news services are provided by integrating with the CNN, BBC or CNBC.

    Whereas Amazon Echo relies on the installation of companion “Alexa app” which then communicates with the smartphones. Which means Amazon Echo requires a broader range of the third-party application to communicate. The Amazon Echo needs to be controlled by a companion app available in the play store or app store to manage the skills of the device. Reviews can be taken from the Alexa based on the notes on the companion app.

    With all these features, the Google Home device with the functionality of integrating with the third-party app to control the smart home devices makes it more compatible with working in a smart home. As the Amazon Echo device does not allow this feature, it is still improving in this area.

    Google Home and Amazon Echo (Audio)

    Depending upon the shape and size of the device, the audio of both the device differs from each other. Based on the speaker and the number of the speaker, the range can be determined from sound quality and range. Google Home’s CPU (Marvell 88DE3006 Armanda 1500 mini plus dual-core ARM cortex-A7 media processor) is one of the latest and very best for a media player.

    It comprises of certain functions of integration with the other third-party services than the regular processor. It contains a 2-mic array for better listening of the sound. While Amazon Echo ‘s listening functionality is more improvised that can hear from all the direction across the room. Like the older one, it doesn’t offer premium audio quality, but it is still strong enough to fill a room with sound.

    With this, the audio quality of the Google Home device can be considered slightly improved than that of the Amazon Echo as the mic array of the Google Home device is placed on the lower part of the device.

    Google Home and Amazon Echo(Smart home)

    The Google Home app balances data by getting information about the device. It also allows doing all the task manually if a person does not want to speak at all. The Google Home device is highly flexible and relevant to use for the smart home automation system. It is most likely to be non-offset for a longer duration of time than other wireless smart speakers

    The main reason for the popularity of the Google Home or Amazon Echo is a smart home automation system. Supporting the different smart product like Nest thermostat, Samsung smart things, and Philips Hue lights.

    Google is expanding to support more smart home devices to make life more flexible and comfortable by allowing the user to perform a task just by asking the device. The smart home automation system of Google Home is more enhanced than the Amazon Echo. Being compatible with other third-party app is one of the significant advantages of Google Home over Amazon Echo.


    Both Amazon Echo and the Google Home requires a band connection of Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi allows the device to communicate with the smartphone. The Bluetooth facility is available in both the device to integrate with the speaker when not in Wi-Fi connection.

    Limitations of Google Home and Amazon Echo

    Limitations of the device include the prior tasks that one cannot perform efficiently when in use. There are certain limitations of the Amazon Echo device. The device doesn’t support the add-on items functions. In addition to that, the shopping list function is quite un-compromising. While adding items to the shopping list, only one product at a time is allowed to add. Similarly, the device provides inconsistent responses to common words or phrases.

    Google Home device, may give a contradictory answer on common words or phrases. But does not shows any weaknesses in other functions.

    Both the devices have limited touch surface. This is a small limit to its use as a touch panel is also one of the vital features of the device. Certain drawbacks of both the devices prevail but overcome by the advantages, both are improving their limitations continuously.


    To summarize the above context of Google Home VS Amazon Echo, both are great products. With the number of features, functionality, and technology they are running on the market side by side. Individual interacting with the android phones already have interacted with the google assistant. While Amazon Echo with the virtual assistant Alexa can be new to the android users.

    Amazon Echo is available in the market with a wider range of speakers, including fancy screen and touchscreen solution. The google assistant embedded in all the android smartphones allows voice control. The same feature is integrated on the smart speaker, i.e., Google Home.

    Google Home incorporating with the Chromecast makes it easier to set the routines and control other integrated apps. The features, including the integration of a third-party app, allows controlling of devices secure and reliable.

    Likewise, the Echo has a wide range of speakers allowing clarity in sound as well as recognition capability. But it is not as good as Google Home for the smart home control.


    To sum up, all both the products Amazon Echo and Google Home are brilliant in all their functionalities and features. The Google Home device has a slight edge over the Amazon Echo because of the advanced smart home automation features. Smart home automation features include integration with a third-party app, easy call making, and texting feature.

    Google Home, device making the normal life comfortable with the smart home automation technology and virtual helper google assistant. An individual can communicate with it from a distant place using Google Home app. 

    We can say that the Amazon Echo is smart that people can use for making their life more comfortable. No physical effort is necessary to start or use it as it can easily use by voice commands. Amazon Echo, the device performs its actions based on the cloud-based operation and the sound detection protocol. Clear sound registered on the device then it works. If the sound is unclear then it cannot perform its task correctly.

    We can conclude that the Google Home is livelier that can accommodate in the smart home and execute task comfortably. That does not mean Amazon Echo is terrible; it is also a brilliant smart speaker that can perform its task adequately in voice commands.

    Google’s natural language understanding is superior to that of the Amazon. But still, Amazon is refining its language processing system to its fullest. As both being well in their respective field, the choice depends upon the preference of the user.

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