Amazon Echo

    What is Amazon Echo?

    Amazon Echo (Alexa) a virtual assistant developed by Amazon to simplify the daily use of speakers in everyday life. A home automation system can control several other smart devices that provide news, music, voice control, and other different functionalities.

    Communication with Alexa is mostly voice control and is available in different languages such as English, Spanish, Hindi, Japanese, Italian, or French. The first release of Amazon Echo was November 2014 which works on fire OS 5.0 or above likewise iOS 8.0, android 4.4 or above.

    As Alexa provides cloud-based voice services, it is easy to communicate with the system and act along with it. Toni Reid and Rohit prasad are the central brains behind the development of the Echo device.

    Features of Amazon Echo:

    The Amazon Echo controlled by a companion app which is available in the play store or app store to manage the skills of the device. Alexa can Review other products, based on the notes on the companion app. An individual can ask a question or can assign a task to the device that responds accordingly.

    The device has an enhanced speaker that features Dolby processing for improved immersive sound. The device reacts immediately with the sound of the person across the room, so it is pretty much easy to use for a home automation system.

    In the default condition, the device listens to all kinds of speech form all the direction. We can manually disable its microphone by pressing a mute button to turn off the audio processing unit. Without a wireless internet connection, the Amazon Echo does not work. It will be difficult to carry along during traveling as the connection cannot be found everywhere.

    The first-generation Echo consists of 9.25 inches tall cylindrical speaker with inbuilt seven-piece microphone array with 256mb ram and 4GB of storage space. Used for storing the notes and other recordings to use in the future. Features like setting a timer, playing music, news are readily available only after asking it.

    The second-generation Echo more enhanced and advanced than the older version. The second-generation Echo is available in various new type of designs. The device is less expensive than the older one, so it is quietly affordable. The listening functionality improvised than the former generation; it can hear from all the direction across the room. Like the older one, it doesn’t offer premium audio quality, but it is still strong enough to fill a room with sound.


    Amazon Echo was available in 40 countries in 2018, but now it is currently available in over 100 countries. One can easily shop it from the Amazon shopping site. The shopping site ships the device to the desired location. Both first and second-generation Amazon Echo is available in different types of designs, including the colors and complexion.

    Privacy concerns:

    Certain privacy concerns arise using the Amazon Echo device that includes the recording of personal conversations in the home. The device listens to the sounds in the surrounding to detect whether an individual is in the room or not. Amazon retains the digital recordings of users when they speak near to it, so some concerns arise during its use.

    Limitations of Amazon Echo

    There are certain limitations of the Amazon Echo, this device does not support the add-on items functions. The shopping list function is quite un-compromising while adding items to the shopping list.  The user can add only one product at a time. Similarly, the device provides inconsistent responses to common words or phrases.


    With all the information and the reviews, Amazon Echo is a reliable home automation device. With the help of Amazon Echo, one can make a call to anyone without using a phone or wired communicator. As the smart wireless speaker, there is a simple way to start the device, just a wake-up word Alexa is enough for starting the device.

    To conclude Amazon Echo, the device performs its actions based on the cloud-based operation and the sound detection protocol. Clear sound allows the proper functioning of the device. If the voice or sound is unclear then it cannot perform its task properly.

    We can say that this smart device can make life more comfortable. No physical effort is necessary to start or use it as it can easily use by voice commands.

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