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    Smart lock used for protecting assets either valuable or not. Locks used for doors, racks, cabinets, and others are not all smart. But adding smart locks for all the devices makes security proper and enhanced.

    Smart locks support smart home system along with integration with smart speakers like google assistant, or Amazon Alexa. The integration makes their use more flexible as well as secure. Before buying a smart lock, people should consider different prospects of the locks to be more secure. Different prospects are Wide range connectivity, Physical durability, Cybersecurity, and Consistency or ease of use.

    The best smart locks for smart home security are:
    • August Smart Lock Pro + connect

    The third-generation smart lock August Smart Lock Pro+ Connect works with Amazon Alexa for flexible voice control. With about 110-240 volts supply of power, it allows the user to control the door from anyplace around the globe. It possesses keyless access for locking and unlocking of the door through connected smartphone devices.

    The door sense function embedded in the lock tells the user if the door is properly locked or not. The device has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth as well as Z-wave plus which allows connection with the smartphone easy and secure. This door lock is easy to install as it arrives with deadbolt and convenient.

    This device has an auto-lock and auto-unlock system. With easy installation, without replacing the older lock, August Smart Lock Pro + Connect works with standard single cylinder deadbolts. Available at $211.56, Amazon also provides shipping of this lock at a different destination.

    2)      Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt (BE489WB CAM 619)

    Available with inbuilt Wi-Fi, Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt (BE489WB CAM 619) allows remote control of the lock. This lock pairs with Schlage Home app allowing to create up-to 100 access codes for trusted ones.

    This Lock also works with the smart home speakers Google Home and Amazon Alexa for voice control. The device is easy to install, firstly installing the bolt then installing the touchscreen and backplate. After that connecting the cable and then install the batteries and cover.

    Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt equipped with built-in alarm technology senses the breaches at the doorstep. The device is available at $249 in Amazon.

    • Lockly Bluetooth Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock (PGD 728F)

    The most convenient smart lock allowing one-tap lock and unlock of the door from the connected smartphone via Bluetooth. Lockly Bluetooth Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock (PGD 728F) has touchscreen keypad along with two physical keys for backup.

    Available with advanced 3D fingerprint sensor this lock is suitable for homes as well as offices. It supports up to 99 fingerprints. Wi-Fi also supported by the device but the user has to buy the hub separately. Connection is compatible with ios and android, allowing all kind of user to have access through the wireless key.

    The security protocols are tight. The keypad gets locked after three wrong attempts and will open only after two correct attempts. This battery-powered biometric Smart lock made up of metal weights about 5.2 pounds. It uses 4 AA batteries which comes with a one-touch lock.

    • UltraloqUL3 BT Smart Lock

    This Lock, Designed for keyless entry for the door. UltraloqUL3 BT Smart Lock allows the user to lock and unlock the door with a fingerprint. It is the worlds first five in one keyless entry smart lock. Five in one comprises of Fingerprint, Code, Smartphone, Knock to Open and Key. Along with that advanced fingerprint identification is equipped with Anti-peep touch keypad technology. This technology allows the user to view the logs with Ultraloq app.

    The smart lock has a reversible handle, weatherproof, OLED Display along with long battery life and low battery alarm. The open knock function is easily accessible as the user needs to say knock four times, and the lock opens. The lock opens even if the smartphone is inside the pocket.

    • NexTrend Smart Electronic Door Lock:

    With keyless entry, this smart lock can lock the door with the auto-lock function of the device. For that, the user has to set the timer from 5-120 sec the door gets locked automatically. The display of the lock is OLED and with over 5000 openings. The codes get recorded and admin can have access to the records through the app in real-time.

    With the multifunctional free app available, the user can control and monitor all the functions through the smartphone. User can assign a password for wireless entry if s/he is not carrying a key or smartphone.

    The touchscreen keypad makes it secure and reliable as well as the process doesn’t consume high energy. The battery back-up is also one of the advantages of the device. The built-in anti-intrusion technology issues an alert if someone tries to get access with an incorrect password or key. The touchscreen, backlit with blue and white lights allows the user to see clearly in dark situations.

    • Kwikset 99100-045 SmartCode ZigBee Touchpad Smart Lock

    Available with back up keys, this lock works with smart speakers for voice commands and wireless entry. User can assign a passcode to other individuals, and when the individual unlocks, the door user gets notified.

    The device is battery powered and uses 4 AA batteries which user has to buy it separately. The installation process takes only a few steps and easy as being deadbolt. It has multiple sensors for notifying the breaches to the owner through the connected smartphone.

    Available at $170.71 in amazon user can buy online or can visit the store. The device allows to code up to 30 user passcode for a different user. The owner gets notified once the door is unlocked using which codes. The device comes with deadbolt exterior, deadbolt interior, smart key learning tool, installation hardware, installation instruction, and manual.

    • Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen:

    With the integration with Amazon Alexa, this Lock is a touchscreen with unlocking the door with 4-8 digits pin code. User can lock and unlock the door with voice commands using the integrated smart speaker and secure his/her house properly.

    Yale Assure Lock also works with Z-Wave smart home or alarm system to improve security level higher with adjustable latch. User can check the locking function with the Alexa if the lock is set properly or not.

    Available in Satin Nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and polished brass color this lock simplifies all the problems with wireless key entry. It can integrate with the Z-Wave hub where user can enable the Z-Wave hub skill through the Alexa app.

    • Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen deadbolt

    This smart lock integrates with Z-Wave technology that connects with Home Automation system. The user can lock and unlock the door remotely through the web or connected smartphone. The touchscreen is durable and resistive with a matte finish so that no fingerprint or smudges are leftover.

    The smart lock equips three alert modes that include tampering, activity and forced entry. This allows the user to identify when someone is coming or going. It also allows simultaneous communication which lowers the potential security threats.

    User can assign passcodes as per his/her needs up to 30 codes to different users. The Anti-pick shield function of the device protects against the lock tampering. This also notifies the owner with the built-in alarm with audible alert. The various color set is available, and the device comes with a handle set grip with Accent lever.

    • Electronic Deadbolt Smart Door Lock:

    One of the best smart locks for the houses as well as for the rental property management. Available with two back up keys this smart lock is fully accessible with a smartphone.

    The smart lock provides up to one year of battery life with full app control and easy installation. User can remotely access with Wi-Fi using Oaks Acorn. The device equipped with the auto-lock sensor eliminates manual locking system for the user.

    The device allows keyless entry in the home with the passcode. User can assign multiple passcodes to multiple users. The owner gets notified if someone opens the door or tries forcefully to open trough the Oaks app.

    • Kwikset 99530-001 obsidian slim modern touchscreen Keyless Deadbolt

    With a sleek modern design containing glass-like surface, this is one of the easiest and secure smart locks. The device allows up to 16 codes for multiple users.

    The owner can also set a master code so that the monitoring of the lock gets easier and secure. The screen of this smart lock is secure with patented technology. This helps in avoiding theft of the cade through the fingerprint on the touchscreen.

    One of the cons of this smart lock is the battery as it uses a 9v battery. The user must keep another 9v battery in case power runs out. This smart lock does not support wireless connectivity, so voice commands do not work. The touchscreen pad, LED illuminated allows clear visibility in different light conditions. All this facility is available at $108.9 in Amazon.

    • Yale Deadbolt Lock with Nest Connect

    Equipped with Nest Secure Alarm, Yale Deadbolt Lock with Nest Connect automatically unlocks the door. Compatible with both ios and android, the Nest app is free for both platforms. User can assign up to 20 passcodes for multiple users and connect it through his/her smartphone.

    Available at $249.99 the smart lock, bundled with Nest connect range Extendor and is compatible with Nest Guard (separately available). This Nest Guard controls the smart lock remotely with the Nest app. The smart app receives alerts and notification when someone locks the door or opens it and alerts for low battery. The battery life is about a year, and the device consumes 4 AA batteries.

    The device is tamper-proof, so the passcode breach is almost impossible. The keyless deadbolt improves the security and effort of the user.

    • Gate Labs Camera Smart Lock

    With the unique design of the lock developed from stain Nickel is equipped with an embedded camera for visuals. The owner does not need to worry about who enters the house as the camera records the activity. Most importantly the user can figure out the individual accurately from the connected smartphone.

    The camera is motion-activated, so it records the videos, and the owner can view it through his/her connected smartphone. This smart lock consists of video doorbell so if someone is in front of the door; he/she can communicate to the visitor with the two-way audio communication form phone.

    One of the easy smart lock to use for the homes, with an inbuilt camera and video doorbell technology. A part of this one of the major cons of this smart lock is video quality. The video may not be clear in bad weather conditions.

    Why smart lock?

    Smart locks keep the user secure about their property. The remote connection allows the user to keep track of activities around the house. This device improves smart home automation technology as the user can control the locks just with voice commands. This practice saves time and effort of the user.

    These devices assure full security of users property. With the smart technology, user can save manual efforts for locking, unlocking and identify the individual using the door.


    Every product available in the market possess some cons. One of the major cons will be the cost of installation and knowledge of smart technology. Installation cost is high, but with the security and performance of the smart locks, it’s worth buying it.

    Secondly, the user needs to understand the technology and the way of using the smart lock. As with other smart home products like google home or Amazon Alexa locks can perform more effectively. If the user understands the function the smart lock secures everything, and if not, then security level is low.

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