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    Smart TVs also referred to as a connected TV which integrates with the internet and web features. This allows videos stream, music as well as to browse the internet. Smart TVs offer different features that are not available on regular TVs. Features such as voice control, motion control, touch screen, remote control, and web interaction are easily accessible in Smart TV.

    Smart TV, a technological device that includes advanced computing ability and connectivity with the internet. This TVs also integrates with set-top boxes for the streaming of live media like news, movies, and sports. The smart TV works on a complete operating system or mobile operating system allowing other developers to enhance the applications or functions.

    Smart TV provides options for the user to generate their content and can view it when they want. Smart TV allows other apps to work on their operating system, an app like YouTube, Netflix is available in smart TV, and the user can watch movies, news online as well as offline when they want.

    Five Best Smart TVs Under $700

    TCL 5OS425 50’’ 4K Roku TV

    One of the market topper in terms of customer satisfaction, TCL 5OS425, is a 4k TV available to the customer at a very low price. This TV provides 4K resolution along with added HDR and HDR10, which helps in streaming vibrant colors and high-quality image rivaling other expensive televisions.

    This TV also features gaming tools as it is one of the gaming TV with low input with fast graphics. It possesses three HDMI input ports and a USB port that allow additional third-party devices to integrate.

    TCL 5OS425 offers different latest tech, and along with that, there are over 5, 00,000+ TV shows and movies that user can watch any time without any disturbances. The voice control feature of this TV is a significant advantage, and using voice commands user need not scroll the navigation bar for searching the content.

    This smart fully-featured TV costs $270 when the user buys at Amazon and price may differ when ordered or purchased from elsewhere. An app is downloadable in the phone, pads, and tablets, which allows controlling the TV as per the need of the user.

    Insignia NS-55DF71ONA19 55’’ 4K Fire TV

    The Insignia Fire TV plays live TV, including other web streaming subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, YouTube, and more. The picture quality if the Tv is remarkable as it streams the videos and photos in 4K ultra-HD resolution with eight million pixels.

    The Tv also supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) that amplifies the picture and visual quality with vivid colors along with deeper contrast even in simple monitors.

    There are options in choosing the size of this TV before purchasing as it is available in 43’’, 50’’ or 55’’ screen, and the user can change according to the size of the room as well. With three available HDMI inputs on the back, this TV is compatible with other third-party cable, boxes, home theatre system and more other devices.

    As a fire TV edition, all these features are available in just $370 on the Amazon while deals may differ along with places. The Insignia Fire TV comes with the Amazon Alexa that makes it smarter as the user doesn’t need to operate it manually with the TV remote but with the voice commands TV works efficiently.

    VIZIO 55’’ p-series 4K HDR TV (P55-F1) Smart TV

    One of the best TV for movie lovers as fully equipped with the processing power for morphing older content into 4k ultra-HD resolution. Supporting HDR and HDR10 along with Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log Gamma the standard of the TV increases, which results in best picture quality in dark or bright moment with natural color in a uniform screen.

    With the cost of only $628 from Walmart, VIZIO is one of the best TV set for movies and sports. The user can watch the movies and sport either old or new. The stream also supports different third-party apps such as HBO go, Sling TV, and Netflix in 4k ultra-HD resolution.

    Toshiba 43LF621U19 43” 4K Fire TV

    Toshiba 43LF621U19 delivers true to life 4K ultra-HD picture quality with over 8 million-pixels for clarity, contrast, and vivid colors. Like the Fire TV built-in experience, the TV equipped with thousands of channels, apps, and more.

    This Amazon certified TV supports smart speaker Amazon Alexa and controlled with voice. Along with that, it allows streaming of YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, HBO SHOWTIME, STARZ, and more. For the installation of this TV, an HD antenna is required, which makes it easy to use. All facilities are available at $199.99 at Amazon while it costs $330 if purchased elsewhere. The TV also equipped with three HDMI cable ports, one ARC, USB, Ethernet and audio input and output.

    Sony XBR49X900F 49” 4K smart TV

    One of the legendary television of Sony smart TV is Sony XBR49X900F 4K smart TV. This smart TV combines the top of the line quality for picture and the visuals with advanced smart TV functionality.

    Sony XBR49X900F 4K smart TV runs on Google’s Android platform supporting different channels and apps. The support apps include Netflix, YouTube, as well as direct access to HD movies through Google play.

    Sony XBR49X900F 4K with inbuilt chrome cast allows the user to connect with smart devices. Control remotely with google home (google Assistant) and Amazon Alexa with just voice commands.

    The display shows real-world colors with deep contrast. With 4K HDR processor, the user can experience stunning audio quality with Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) technology.

    Before buying a Smart TV

    Certain parameters need to be addressed by the buyer before buying a smart TV.

    Image quality

    The first and foremost part of the TV, the image quality of the TV determines other quality of the TV. The user should be concerned about the image quality and focus on the HD range of TV. Smart TVs with LED and HDR (High Dynamic Range) Technology possess stunning image quality and is worth buying.


    The audio of the TV should be clear and dynamic. Audio is the second main concern before buying any smart TV or normal TV. In the case of smart TV, the audio should be digitally enhanced by DSEE technology.


    After the image quality and sound of the TV, the user should need consideration about the technology and the connectivity. The connectivity determines the range of the product and smoothness when used remotely. The connection of Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and also should smart speakers like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The work function of the TV should be dynamic and stream content properly.

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