Best VPNs you must have

    What is a VPN?

    Virtual Private Network (VPN), a safe and secure path between a device and the internet. A Virtual Private Network protects online traffic, interface, and censorship. Above 300 VPN services available, some of which are free while some paid. Offering similar features like keeping the connection safe and private. VPN that keeps track of the websites someone visits and downloads are not good VPNs.

    Proper use of VPN can be Hide IP and Location, Encrypt communication, unblock censored websites, avoid snooping, and remove ads. The foremost task of VPN is to hide IP and location to make the connection private and secure, secondly encrypting communication using 256-bit encryption saves from a cyber breach.

    Unblocking censored websites by changing the geographical location of the digital address is also one of the advantages of using a VPN as it changes the IP location. Using this service, one can have access to that site in that address. VPN, also helpful for avoiding snooping and removing ads by encrypting the data and restrict streaming videos from the traffic allows safe and ads free access to the network or website.

    Paid and free VPNs are available in the internet market. Their task is the same to hide IP and Location, creating a safe path from device to the internet for securing data. Difference between free and paid VPN, while paid VPN provides different features and options for selecting servers, country, and IP address, free VPNs are limited to country, servers, and address.

    The internet market, growing day by day and increase of cyber theft also recorded due to lack of security during online accessing of the sites and low protection of ISP.

    Some of the available VPNs:

    One of the best VPN service available on the existing internet market is Express VPN that provides fast speed and also has enormous customer support worldwide. With connections available above 90 countries, Express VPN allows chrome, Firefox, and safari safe and secure connection in above 160 locations.

    Express VPN works with Netflix, BBC, HBO as well as provides clients for Mac, windows, Linux, iOS and Android along with Blackberry. Founded recently in 2009 Express VPN resites in British virgin islands. Because of its secure and protected service, it is widely popular throughout the world as one of the best VPN available.

    Express VPN has robust encryption protocol that doesn’t allow any external readers to enter the network. It also supports P2P policy that means it has an easy kill switch that stops the VPN in no time. Express provides choices above 90 countries, one can easily select any geographical location but surf just sitting in the room.

    As per the d-merits part, the Express VPN only supports five connections at a time and is expensive to purchase and use.  (30-day money-back Guaranteed)

    With more than 800 servers in over 50 countries, Surfshark provides secure encryption and protocol options featuring AES-256-GCM in open VPN. Every server provided by the app focuses on no logs policy and supports unlimited devices where torrenting is allowed, unblocks Netflix geo-restrictions and well-equipped with multi-hop and Ad-blocker. The connection speed is fast as connecting to faraway servers also doesn’t slow the rate. One subscription is enough to cover unlimited laptops, routers, mobiles as well as TV streaming devices.

    Equipped with open VPN UDP and TCP, IKEv2 security protocols, the encryption is AES-256 as well as provides DNS and kill switch. The Surfshark VPN service, cheap to afford in packages which costs US$1.99/month for subscribing for 24 months.

    The light weighted app and simple to use allows unlimited P2p and torrenting. The service is not limited for any device but for all available accessories. Devices include windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and android with leak-free service.  (30-day money-back Guaranteed)

    • Nord VPN:

    Equipped with over 5800 servers spread over 60 countries, Nord VPN is one of the best available services for internet security. The VPN, based at Panama, provides all top of the line encryption in all its servers such as masking IP and location, No DNS leaks, no logs policy and with double data encryption. Nord VPN is easy to use VPN app among all other available VPN services.

    Nord VPN provides a unique feature called “Double VPN,” which combines two servers into one for doubling the encryption to make the connection secure and reliable. Like other services Nord VPN has a kill switch which protects the data from attackers.

    The Network connection is undoubtedly safe and secure with no leaks of IP, DNS, or Web RTC. This VPN service supports up-to six device connection for both mobile and desktop with 2048-bit data encryption.   (30-day money-back Guaranteed)

    • Cyber Ghost:

    With servers above 4000 globally, Cyber Ghost supports both Microsoft’s and Apple’s operating system. Including the ios and android handling over 10 million users, Cyber Ghost has a safe path for internet access. It supports torrents in almost all of its servers along with the advance enhanced features including a kill switch to shut the VPN if there is any tunnel breach or leak. Cyber Ghost supports different VPN protocols Open VPN, PPTP, L2TP, and IPsec that makes it safe and secure to use by the customers.

    The cost of installation of Cyber Ghost is not costly, that is $2.75 to $12.99 monthly on average, and if someone subscribes for a longer duration, the value reduces. The service supports seven devices at the same time, which makes it more flexible while using in numbers. Some features lack in the service, which are average download speed, unresponsive customer support, and interface needs work.

    (30-day money-back Guaranteed)

    • IP Vanish:

    It is a US-based VPN service provider giving access to more than 1300 servers in 75 different countries around the world. Majority of the security protocols supported through IP Vanish with AES-256 encryption that allows safe surfing of the sites with no one tracking the user. Simple to install, easy to learn and use, IP Vanish supports up-to ten devices with no traffic logs and fast P2P and torrenting. The web surfing using this VPN is fast, and the user can use torrent freely without anyone tracking and also supports Netflix in different servers.

    IP Vanish claims to provide the fastest VPN service with 40000+ shared IPs with unlimited P2P traffic. As per the expense for this service, IP Vanish isn’t cheap at all, but with the services it provides, it’s worthy of paying for it.

    There is no 30-day money-back Guarantee but only seven-day money-back which makes it sloppy than other VPN services. The customer support is slow, and the cost is high, which is a significant drawback of IP Vanish.

    • Trust Zone:

    Trust Zone has a small server network but very powerful in terms of services that it provides within those servers as well as trust-worthy. All the servers are fast with no traffic logs and work with Netflix allowing restriction-free torrenting. With a strict no-log policy and a cheap cost of installation or subscription to surf above 170 servers in 30+ countries globally.

    As Trust Zone provides restriction-free torrenting, the user looking for fast P2P connection this is the best VPN service for them. Different encryption standards that include AES-256-CBC cipher, SHA-256 authentication, and RSA-2048 handshake encryptions do not allow any leak of IP or location.

    Trust Zone supports every available device that includes ios, android, Linux, Windows, Mac along with routers. Supplied with a kill switch to turn off the VPN to avoid leakage of IP or location in the servers.  Speed of Trust Zone, fast and at low cost with $2.88 to $8.88 per month. Extended subscribers can get discounts.

    • Mullvad:

    Mullvad offers log-free surfing and browsing for all kind of devices. Devices include windows, Linux, and Mac, and allows five connections simultaneously. The VPN provides the most anonymous signup. Mullvad, having over 370 servers in the above 30 countries offers a secure network. This VPN provider located in Sweden, under the extended 14 eyes community does not demand any personal information for signup.

    AES-256 encryption allows open service as well as Wire Guard protocols. This leads in no IP and DNS leak in the servers. The updated Mullvad app, simple and effective allows the user to easily understand the interface.

    To signup, the user does not have to provide their e-mail or any personal data. Mullvad offers a randomly generated account number for the subscription. The web surfing is fast and reliable with unrestricted torrenting and Netflix on different servers. Live chat and customer support of Mullvad takes time to respond to the user query. In addition to that, iOS and the Android user cannot use ibVPN making it less user-friendly.

    • ibVPN:

    ibVPN is a Romanian based VPN service provider with a zero-logging policy and providing torrenting and P2P facility. One of the easy to use app compatible with almost all the available devices. Devices such as kindle fire, Boxee box, chrome cast, Apple TV, smart TVs, routers, etc run without obstruction using ibVPN. With fast customer service and allowing five device connection ibVPN provides its services in 57 countries with 180+ servers.

    AES-256 encryption and protocols work on most of the networks which include L2TP, PPTP, Open VPN, SSTPand IPSec.  Available from $4.95 to $10.95 per month. The cost reduces for the user committing to use for a longer duration of time. This VPN service limits torrenting to only a few servers that limit the downloading of larger files.

    • Hotspot Shield:

    One of the markets top VPN service provider, Hotspot Shield serves over 25 countries with 2500+ servers. With affordable plans, fast connections, and masking IP in no time are the theme functions of Hotspot Sheild. In addition to this Hotspot shield supports up to five devices at a time. This service supports multiple devices to connect simultaneously.

    The VPN service, so reliable that the upload and download speed of the network does not changes. Freedom for configuration to different locations with high-speed surfing allows the user to communicate with the website faster and securely.

    • Tunnel Bear:

    The easiest VPN in the list to use for a secure connection. Tunnel Bear is Canada based service allowing multiple users simultaneously to join a network. It is flexible for both the mobile and desktop platforms that enable multiple uses of the service. All the clear privacy policy and with no traffic logs makes it reliable for use.

    It cannot browse at the same speed in long-distance connections. Having fewer countries (20+) but with 1000+ servers the VPN limits access in long-distance connection. Tunnel Bear provides a free plan limiting up to 500Mb, whereas paid plans offer unlimited data at a low price.


    With all these features, all VPNs listed above are safe and secure to install and browse network worldwide. Among these Nord, Express and Surfshark VPN are the most used and widely popular VPN service provider worldwide. Their security protocols are very-strong and impenetrable, which makes them more reliable for large scale use. Working in all the devices seamlessly, these VPNs are easy to install and use even with little technical skills.

    The AES-256 encryption does not allow any attackers to penetrate. The leakage of the data or information is secure. It also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. So that if s/he are not fond of these, then they are free to change to another service provider.

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