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    Fitness Watches for Men and Women

    Fitness Watches has become part of human beings; both co-related with each other. We are directly and indirectly depending upon it due to which the demand for technology is increasing. Technology is not wrong and harmful for society, but it’s up to us to use knowingly.

    Most importantly technology is helping people to make the lifestyle easy. In this world, technology has improved the living as well as learning standard. A fitness watch is one of the best examples of technology, helping people to know the health-related issues, and providing guidance.


    Different skills, techniques, and method as well as, research have done before deploying the products in markets. Some of them are quite fabulous regarding their styles, colors, and the main is their features. Most of the people today want to be stylish, in a sense to become smarter and as you know, the exciting part is smartwatch does so.

    After every launch of products, the brand tries to give some extra features and looks, which makes us confusing at the time of buying.

    Now-a- day it has become the fantasy to each of us to have fitness watches. The demand for products is increasing every day with the increase of customer and their taste. On the other side, companies are trying their best to meet their customer requirements. It’s up to you and, the right is yours, what are the features and brands you want to buy. There are numbers of brands who are giving a new taste to their customer. Let’s have a look

    Five best Fitness Watches

    Fitbit: Fitness Watch

    The Smartwatches of Fitbit are in trending and, you can get it online to your doorstep. The exciting fact about Fitbit is that it was voted as the best tracker of the year in 2018 by their users. However, the reason behind was its durability, features and, its looks.

    Each product differs with others and is given different codes so that the buyer can get the exact one which they want. Till now it is found the best fitness watch with varieties of apps and is quickly available in different shapes and sizes. Nowadays it is found to be the best fitness tracker selling company.

    Fitbit Charge 3

    Fitbit Charge 3 is the new product of Fitbit, which costs around $149.95, made with much more efforts of the engineers. It comes in different colors, sizes, and in your budget. It understands and provides the tips related to your health and motivates you to workout with proper guidance.

    The great thing is it has backlit and touch screen display with auto-brightness adjustable. This feature helps people to use it without having restriction either day or night. It tracks every day of your life, i.e., every step/distance you traveled, calories burn and the active minutes. The best thing is it notifies you at the end of the day with extra guidance and save the daily motion data for seven days so that you can have some improvement.

    The products operate with the rechargeable battery and provide backup for seven days. The water resistance feature has made it best for the swimmers to track the swim record with inbuilt swim record mode. Other 14 more modes are available like run, bike, yoga, etc. targeting different users.

    Quick view to Fitbit features
    1. Smart Touch screen with backlit displays
    2. 24/7 heart rate tracker to track the calorie burn
    3. Notification to notify about the time, date and health issues
    4. Recognizes exercise automatically
    5. Tracks all-day activity
    6. Cardio fitness level
    7. Sleep tracking
    8. 15+ exercise modes
    9. Reminders for a daily walk

    Samsung active: Fitness Watch

    Samsung active have made with the view of helping the people to track and monitors the daily activity of the people. Most smartwatches today focus on the fitness of their users so, do Samsung active. The cost of Samsung active is $279.99.

    Samsung Galaxy watch active: Fitness Watch

    It’s a fitness watch that advice you the best solutions and guidelines to improve your health and helps to meet your target. It comes in different colors and strip that will match according to the occasions. The beauty of this watch is their customizable watch faces which combine style and sensibility.

    Managing the stress level is the major features that make this product more effective in the market. At the time of stress, it provides some breathing as well as some of the meditation techniques, which helps you to calm down and balance your pressure. Let’s have a glance look at its features

     A Quick view of Samsung active features
    1. 45-hour battery life
    2. Altimeter
    3. GPS monitor
    4. Sleep tracker
    5. Music player
    6. Water resistance up to 50 meters
    7. Compatible with IOS and Android
    8. Replaceable strip

    Apple Watch: Fitness Watches series

    Apple is one of the branded companies that produce different electronic products like laptops, PCs, Mobile, and smartwatches. Series 4 Apple watch is one of their latest product which has been liked by their users in terms of hardware, functionality, and of course of their simplicity. The price may vary as per the seller, but the official rate of apple series 4 is $529.

    Apple Series 4

    Most of the people today blindly trust the Apple product because of the services and warranty they provide to their users. However, the launch of Series 4 has made the company more successful in the market because of its outstanding look.

    It is more advanced than their existing product because it is completely redesigned and has electrical heart sensor. Every fluctuation in your heart rate can notify with fall detection and emergency SOS. As every fitness watch does, i.e., detect the workout automatic and has different activity modes to detect the activity.

    Most impressive about this new series is you can share your event with your friends and can join the challenges for which you will get an achievement reward. Series 4 is really, fresh and well-engineered products which motivate every minute of your precious life.

    Quick view to Apple Series 4 features
    1. Pace meter
    2. Activity Share with friends
    3. Built-in cellular
    4. Monthly challenges to get updates of your fitness
    5. Personalized Coaching
    6. Less bulky with largest and fast display
    7. Power efficiency
    8. The Digital crown which helps to navigate easily without obstructing the display

    Samsung gear fit2 pro: Fitness Watches

    Samsung has already got its identity as the best mobile phones manufacturers. In a group of 10 people, if we survey then out of 10, 6 have Samsung phones. Samsung fitness watch is also widely taking the market and hope soon it is going to get the best place in the market for their fitness watches.

    The Gear fit2 pro is one of the beautiful products of Samsung, which is damn good in terms of color and looks. You can get varieties of colors of Gear fit2 pro within budget, though the company launched it at $199 and can now you can get it at $130.

    Gear fit2 pro

    Samsung gear fit2 pro has excellent storage and comes with a music player to get motivated during workouts. It is easily compatible with android phones as well as IOS. Altimeter in it makes the watch more advance and provides the realistic data of your fitness.

    Water-resistance features in it make the product fantastic for the swimmers, and even the product embeds with 15+ modes in it like cycling, running, pushups, etc. The battery backup is quite good, i.e., up to 3 days. Gear fit 2 has a wifi connection, which helps to sync your data with computers and phones.

    Quick view to Gear fit2 pro features
    1. Water resistance to 50 meters
    2. Altimeter
    3. 15+ modes
    4. Back up to 3 days
    5. Responsive Screen
    6. Sync Fitness data with your other gadgets
    7. Colorful Screen
    8. Excellent storage with a music player
    9. Heart rate tracker

    Garmin Vivosport: Fitness Watches

    The name Garmin might be new, but it is also a fitness watch company comes with different feature like others. Garmin vivosport is the combination and upgraded products of Vivosmart HR+ and Vivosport3. It has the same features as Samsung Gear fit2 pro and price is also likewise the same.


    Garmin Vivosport is a fitness watch, but somehow it is still struggling to give best strength training features. However, it is good because it costs only $200 with a bunch of features. That’s why user prefer this watch as it comes in their budget. The color of the product seems good and comes in a variety of design and colors.

    While talking about its body, its slim but the display might be smaller than others. However, the features provided by it covers the negative part of the model. Everything has pros and cons. Let’s have a look at its features which makes the customer buy it and love it

    Quick view to Vivosport features
    1. Sleep and stress tracking
    2. Battery life up to 7 days
    3. Heart rate monitor
    4. Compatible with Android and IOS
    5. Music player and storage
    6. Onboard GPS
    7. Altimeter

    We can get different brand fitness watches in our market, which is providing distinct feature related tracking and monitoring the health issues. Some of them are quite expensive and limited in features, but you can also get budget Watches for both Men and Women with different functions if you want. There are some of the tips to get the best fitness watches

    Tips for picking best Smart Fitness Watches

    1. Price:

    Please choose the product you want and select the same range product of two different companies, compare both of them in terms of color, styles, and features. If one is giving more features than others, then go for it.

    1. Features:

    Most of the time, characteristics of any products decide the price of the product. Increase in functionality increases the cost of the product. So if you want limited function watch, then you don’t need to pay extra for the features that you don’t use. There are some limited functions watches and comes in budget.

    1. Colors:

    Have you ever thought, what if there is no color in this world, everything is black and white, right? However, we don’t need to worry because our society is still colorful, which makes it beautiful. If everything is bright, then why are we still wearing dull colors in our hand, search for colors because the manufacturers are providing various of colors for their customers, which makes it cool.

    1. Apps:

    There are different apps provided by the manufactures, but it’s essential to choose the best providing one. E.g., Fitbit offers the best fitness tracker app and even comes with female health tracking. Some of the fitness tracking app are cited below to remind you while shopping.

    They are:-

    • Calm
    • C25K
    • Headspace
    • Strava
    • My Fitness pal
    1. Size:

    The size of the tracker should be suitable according to your wrist. You can get M/L/XL size in the market. The one which seems ideal in your hand will be the better option for you, but the color of the band is also essential to decide before buying.

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