IoT Impact on business

    IoT Impact on business is a topic important to the business as well as to the companies with IoT Stocks. Today the internet and things related to the internet are common in the market. However, the companies developing the product and services are not common. We know that the internet of things is the leading business throughout the globe.

    Almost all the business organization that develops product or service use IoT. So, IoT has huge impacts, either positive or negative, in business. Different business industries fully depend upon IoT related production.

    However, not all companies have the Internet of Things system. So, they are looking forward to how to implement IoT in their entire operation.

    Positive IoT Impact on business

    Optimization of Product

    Production optimization brings different benefits. For companies like Apple Inc, with complex manufacturing operations, enabled the IoT system will help optimizing products a lot. Investing in IoT system production facilities is simple and allows correct decision with tangible benefits.

    With IoT, business industries can generate real-time data and information. For example, every step-in production, if tracked and recorded in real-time, will allow correct decision making in the future.

    Product optimization offers different facilities of real-time performance management as well as notification for detected errors.  This allows the monitoring of different processes and equipment in real-time.

    Hence, product Optimization is one of the first beneficial impacts of IoT in Business.

    Assets Management

    IoT enabled systems can improve asset tracking and management in real-time. Above 70% of companies focus their system work on asset tracking and management. Because assets tracking in real-time provides information about the overall function of the companies.

    Asset tracking and Management steps include

    • Inbound assets tracking
    • Outbound assets tracking

    For example, organizations with a large inventory and assets cannot track the functions manually. It is very difficult. However, IoT can provide different information about the location, quality, and efficiency of assets automatically.

    Similarly, we can take an example of Apple Inc. The company produces a large variety of products to deliver throughout the globe. If Apple does not track their asset then its production and distribution channel will collapse.

    Supply Chain Management

    Many giant companies like IBM, Apple, Samsung, etc. take time to manage their Supply Chain Management System (SCM). Apart from product optimization and Asset tracking, SCM plays a major role in its product distribution and collection. SCM not only helps in selling the product but also helps in buying raw to them.

    IoT also plays an important role in this sector. With asset tracking and customized supply chain system, IoT can produce real-time information. This real-time information helps almost all kinds of decision-making processes.

    Supply chain functional work steps

    • Suppliers to the company’s warehouse
    • Warehouse to production
    • Production to finished products in the warehouse
    • Warehouse to distributor
    • Distributor to logistics
    • Logistics to retailers
    • Retailers to consumers

     Decision Making and Financial Impacts

    One of the major concerns of any company is finance and decision-making. Decision making and financial data are more vulnerable, so it is important to evaluate the actual information.

    Before making any decision in terms of finance, the company first evaluates the previous information. So, IoT helps in storing valuable information and producing detailed reports of the gathered data and information.

    All the asset tracking, SCM, and product optimization’s data produce a detailed report. With the report generated automatically through the system, top-level management can make effective decisions.


    Here we can see that the impact of IoT in business in a positive manner. IoT provides many solutions related to the business for smooth administration. IoT implies connected devices and the transfer of their data to the cloud platform. However, for the business model, the Industrial Internet of things provides all the required software and hardware platform.

    The IIoT is capable of securing the network as well as it provides a different software platform. The software includes asset tracking and management software, Supply chain software, and data analysis software. The IoT platform allows all this software to work smoothly.

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