Google Home

    What is Google Home?

    Google Home, a smart home automation speaker built by Google. It is quite similar to other smart speakers i.e., amazon echo or dot. This particular device is capable of doing different varieties of works like texting, music, news, or weather with just voice commands.  

    Google Home Device


    The device enables the users to speak voice commands to interact with the services through Google assistant i.e., a virtual voice command software. Google Home also allows the user to support the smart home automation services via controlling the other smart devices or appliances with voice. The first home device released in the USA on 2016 November and others globally distributed from 2017. 


    Features of Google Home:

    Both the in-house and third party services are inbuilt in the Google Home device so that it can easily integrate to the services asked by the user and serve accordingly. It integrates with the google play music or Spotify and iHeart radio for music service, YouTube or Netflix or Google photos for videos and pictures, Google colander and Google keep for tasks as well as news services are provided by integrating with the CNN, BBC or CNBC.  


    The device Google Home only includes the intelligent assistant as Google assistant, which is also capable of two way (full-duplex) communication with the user. This device also allows the synchronized playback of music in different rooms by connecting Google Home devices to other Google Home devices (multiple home speakers can be connected).   


    Being smart home automation device, it allows the owner or the user to use it as a central hub to control other smart home appliances such as Chromecast, smart lights, and other smart devices. The first home device, wired but later in May 2017, made wireless. A user can make a call from the device wirelessly, and calls are free in the united states and Canada.  


    The CPU (Marvell 88DE3006 Armanda 1500 mini plus dual-core ARM cortex-A7 media processor) is one of the latest and very best for a media player. It comprises of certain functions of integration with the other third-party services than the regular processor as well as it contains a 2-mic array for better listening of the sound.    


    Availability of Google Home:

    The Google Home smart speaker is available in a cylindrical shape that is 5.62 inches in height and 3.79inches in diameter. The top, covered with the LED light screens, and touch functions. Whereas the mute button is on the back of the device to disable the microphone when not in use.  


    Likewise, the base covered with a shell of the speaker in different finishes. The device further enhanced and available in other versions like Google Home Mini, Home Max, and home hub. They are all available in almost all countries.   



    Voice commands, Wi-Fi connection, and Bluetooth facility.  Also available along with the touch sensors in the surface of the device.  


    The device is a Smart Home automation device, so it is capable of handling the task set-up for the user. It can record the task for the owner to remind on time and allows integration with other third-party service providers. It can perform its assigned task with their help.  


    The device is capable of controlling other smart devices or Home appliances, which makes life more comfortable and suitable. The high excursion speaker with 2” driver and dual 2” passive radiators gives clear sound form the device. As it supports both the android and IOS operating systems, it is flexible in all the places.   


    To conclude the Home device, it is highly flexible and relevant to use for the smart Home automation system. With all the features mentioned above, it is most likely to be non-offset for a longer duration of time.  


    This device has gained a lot of market because of the advantages that it possesses over other speakers along with its launch. Individuals can communicate with it from a distant place using Google home app. To get information about the device the user can use the Google Home app. It allows the user to do all the task manually if the person does not want to speak at all.    


    Hence, this device is making normal life better, faster, and comfier. With the smart home automation technology and virtual helper Google Assistant, the device is worth buying.  

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