Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

    Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is an advanced form of information technology (IT). It performs the role of unified communication and integration of telecommunications and computers. Likewise, it provides necessary enterprise software, middleware, and storage networks (Cloud), which enables users to access, transmit, and manipulate data and information.

    The term ICT also used to refer to the convergence of telephone networks with computer networks wireless or wired medium. There are large economic industries that merge the telephone network with a computer system network using a wireless network. ICT is a wide area that includes many communication devices and various services that incorporate together to form a smooth communication channel. However, not all the devices connected form a communication channel. Similarly, the old devices do possess the communication channel but cannot integrate with modern technology like 5G Network.

    The corporate revenue of the world in the Information Technology and communication sector has increased by 50% since 2014. However, looking at present leading companies, IT budgets are about 75%, while 25% cost goes for other development.

    The normal IT budget of standard or developed companies has the following breakdown

    • 31% of internal cost and expenditures.
    • 29% external/purchasing category cost for the software.
    • 26% external/purchasing category cost for hardware.
    • 14% of external/services (Service providers).

    What are the Development Goals of Information and Communication Technology?

    Industries throughout the globe invested about US$3.8 trillion in 2017. However, the investment is growing by about 5% per year since 2009. The estimated growth of ICT in 2018 was above 5%, from which the most 16% in IoT, Robotics, AR/VR, and AI.

    With the expectation of over US$6 trillion investment on ICT by 2022, the industries are growing at rapid speed. Likewise, the main goal of Information and Communication Technology is Stable communication through the globe integrating with Information System.

    With the advancement and implementation of 5G technology, the goal of ICT seems to be fulfilled before the expected time. However, there is some criticism regarding the implementation of 5G technology. But who will not accept the technology if the user can get no buffered web surfing throughout the globe?

    Components of Information and Communication Technology.

    ICT comprises both the internet-enabled devices as well as the mobile, powered by wireless networks. It also includes traditional technologies, which include landline, radio, and television broadcast. Most importantly, all of these are still used today, along with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics.

    ICT mostly is used in IT (Information Technology). However, ICT represents itself as a border to link with the hardware component of the system to the software. Components of an ICT system is unpredictable and continues to grow throughout the world. However, some of the components such as computers and telephones have existed for decades. But others, like smartphones, digital TVs, and robots, are present entries to the ICT world.

    ICT means more than just Communication technology and advanced components. But also, the protocol and the embedded security for the large-scale users and industries.

    Some of the Basic Component of ICT


    Software act as the basis of integrating the hardware component with the communication channel.


    The basic component to provide a platform for the software to operate.


    The system of receiving and transferring payments for the use of the channel (if any).

    Communication Technology

    The Communication channel in which the hardware or the software interacts.


    The information which the user receives or sends in the communication channel.

    Internet Access

    The ability of the user to connect to the required Communication channel. Through the Internet, Access one can surf the ICT.

    Cloud Computing

    The basic storage area network of Information and Communication Technology. Here, in the cloud, the data and the processed information get stored.

    Why Information and Communication Technology?

    The Information and Communication Technology connects different devices in the same channel within a specific server. Similarly, ICT provides a platform for industries to communicate in a private network.

    For enterprise-level, ICT is a cost-saving and a wide range of converging data platforms. Different business processes can interact with the users and make easy communication allowing a platform for correct decision making.

    Some Advantages of ICT

    • Helps in Decision making for big enterprises and industries.
    • Cost and Time Saving
    • Reduces the burden of individual conversation.
    • Easy data-mining and information processing.
    • Enables high Security at the enterprise level.

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