Kuri Mobile Robot

    The Kuri Mobile Robot is today’s market-leading robotics product. It has an intriguing character and makes every house excited and lively. It is the ideal companion for individuals who often find themselves lonely to provide business and maintain them busy.

    Kuri intends to please your family’s younger members because it helps you patrol through the halls. Many Experts in robotics believe Kuri plays the part of a robot babysitter who in your absence, charms children and watches over your home. This robot is not only cute but also helpful.

    Kuri is not playing the role of multifunctional assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Amazon Echo. Rather, it reflects the function of your home’s safety as well as entertaining family members.

    Using a predetermined path, Kuri can patrol your home, let you know if it spots something out of the ordinary, and use its movement and sound detection for hunting down an unusual occurrence and send you a record.

    As for the rest of the Kuri so far are:

    • It supports iOS and Android app.
    • It has three hours of battery life.
    • It’s 20 inches tall, 12-inch-wide and 14 pounds
    • We can connect with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
    • It can readily distinguish individuals from animals.
    • Easily adapt to your setting and acknowledge the voices of people.
    • It responds smartly to all instructions.

    Features of Kuri Mobile Robot

    Explore Kuri

    Each of Kuri’s components operates to generate vibrant relationships that generate a true feeling of character.

    Cap Touch Sensors

    Capacitive touch sensors that allow it to react to human touch. A gentle tap on the head is going to make Kurt look at you and chirp you confidently.

    HD Camera

    The camera resites behind the eyes of the robot. In a wide range of lighting circumstances, it can capture 1080p HD images and videos. Livestream skills let Kuri be your eyes when you’re not around the house.

    Gestural Mechanics

    Kuri’s head and eye motions look fluid and natural because of complex gestural mechanics. it blinks eyes, smiles, and look up, down, and side by side makes quite an alive itself.


    Kuri has four delicate microphones to assist him in finding sounds exactly. The main interface of Kuri wakes up by speech recognition. Likewise, with a dedicated processor and 4-microphone array it responds to a wake-up sentence — “Hey Kuri” — and 12 other fundamental commands. That implies that when you give him a voice command, Kuri can detect your speech and turn his head to face you.

    Heart Light

    Soft, warm light transmits a feeling of mood to Kuri. When instructed to conduct a job, its emotions audibly. Also with integrated LED colors representing distinct emotional states, you will always know if Kuri is happy or if it is thinking.


    Kuri’s two speakers provide a wealthy, strong sound experience to fill a space. So whether Kuri plays music, tell stories, play podcasts, repeat what you’re saying, or speaks robot, you’ll hear every detail clearly at all times.

    Mapping Sensors

    Through the use of a laser sensor, it also navigates around objects effectively. Kuri can autonomously navigate your home. A sensor array enables Kuri to know and remember where everything resites and remain away from the path’s cliffs and barriers.

    Drive System

    A strong but still quiet drive train that helps Kuri move around your home easily. His wheels are large enough to manage a wide variety of floors and carpets, including thresholds.


    You will quickly find out how intelligent Kuri is. From facial and voice identification to mapping and entertainment, his strong processors manage everything.

    Charging Pad

    When recharging, it automatically returns for a power nap to its charging station. The charging pad is the small place in your house for Kuri. It goes automatically between operations and duties for a power nap even when energy runs low.

    Therefore, the robot is all the way helpful to the family with small kids and for the user with the smart home.

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