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    What is a security camera?

    Security Camera first refers to the tool to take pictures and videos. Photos and videos can be the first source of security or proof when required. Security cameras are mostly available in the form of CCTV cameras. CCTV camera stands for closed circuit Television cameras, embedded in the rooms or basically in all kinds of offices.

    Different organization or offices use CCTV cameras to record the daily tasks performed by the staffs in the form of videos for various purposes. Apart from that, security cameras are also used in homes to secure one’s property. Nowadays installing security cameras in homes are also practiced to prevent theft or robbery or any other surveillance purposes.

    Security for home is also one of the most important part or aspect of human life. So to have proper surveillance of the house even when the owner is not at home is necessary for adequate security. Both wireless cameras and wireless cameras can be used for surveillance at home. As the security ratio of the home needs to be improvised, then wireless security cameras are the best for the monitoring. Currently, in this period, wireless security cameras are providing better security at low installation cost to consumers.

    There are different types of wireless cameras or wired cameras for home security systems, as cost-effective and reliable, which provides surveillance 24/7 throughout the year if the power is uninterrupted. As wireless cameras have a certain range for the proper function of the receiver if it is installed outdoors, then the range can be 250 up to 450 feet. For indoors the range is limited and can range up to 100 to 150 feet.

    5 best Security Camera for home security:

    Certain wireless security cameras best for home security described below:

    Arlo Pro: Wire-free Security Camera

    The best wireless security camera for home as well as office is Arlo Pro. This security camera is wireless as it does not has any power cords. In addition to this, it works both indoors and outdoors, providing a clear picture and video in any light conditions such as sunny days or artificial light or the dark.

    Features of this Security Camera

    • Arlo Pro is wire-free, so there is no need for external wires or any wires to install.
    • The camera has excellent versatility of working correctly both in an outdoor or indoor environment.
    • The setup process is easy and straightforward as it does not require any wire connection.
    • The resolution is high, so live stream and recordings are clear (HD quality).
    • IP65 certified weather-resistant that stands for rain or sunny day, hot or cold day the camera can stand all weather.
    • Rechargeable batteries provide long-lasting and uninterrupted security.
    • The audio system is a full-duplex system that is 2-way audio is available, and one can listen and talk back through the inbuilt speaker and mic connected in the smartphone.
    • The motion detection system is advance. The wide-angle PIR motion sensor does not slip any motion in the camera’s radar.
    • The night vision is automatic, and one does not need to switch on as it does it automatically once the dawn starts.
    • Smart inbuilt siren with 100+ decibel siren activated by motion or audio.
    • It works other smart devices too like Amazon Echo (Alexa) or Google Home or IFTTT and others.

    Cons of this Security Camera are:

    • The price is slightly higher than the other as it can exceed up to $200.
    • This camera needs a base station before installation, which makes it complex to handle.
    • The motion detection is slight over sensitive that makes it vulnerable.

    Wyze cam pan Security Camera

    The Wyze cam pan is a Wi-Fi camera based on the smart home integration system which allows the adjustment of the settings with the pan scan feature. This security camera can scan a room in just three seconds, and with adjusted settings, we can study the area with manual specifications. The motion tracking system of this camera is also unique and reliable as it follows the action or the motion of the area. This camera is a wired device, so it requires the wire connection to place in the targeted location.

    Features of this Security Camera

    • This camera covers the entire area all around that is 360-degree coverage with the pan scan feature.
    • The motion tracking system of the camera is very reliable as the motion tracking has the feature of following the motion till the end or sight.
    • The price of the camera is also not high, which makes it affordable for all kinds of customers.
    • The high definition video quality goes up to 1080p that makes the video clear to understand.
    • Works with Alexa (Amazon Echo) or google home that means we can control it with the voice commands and watch the video.
    • This camera also possesses a 2-way audio system where one can listen and talk.
    • Night vision feature allows recording the video in high resolution as well.
    • Inbuilt sound alerts for warnings.
    • Remotely controlled or motion-triggered.
    • Fourteen days of cloud storage is available while installing this camera.

    Cons of this Security Camera are:

    • Wired camera, so it limits the placement options in the room.
    • The camera is reliable for indoor monitoring as it has motion tracking that makes challenging to record in the outdoor environment as lots of motion can occur at the same time.
    • It also can provide the hit and miss motion alerts that makes rough surveillance.
    • This camera only works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network while does not support 5GHz network.
    • A companion app (Wyze app) provides access to all its features.
    • No batteries, so it needs to be plugged in with a 6-foot power cord.

    Canary all in one indoor security camera

    The canary all in one indoor security camera integrates the smart home automation system generally for indoor use. Different home security features such as siren, environmental sensors, and motion detection are inbuilt in this camera.

    This Wi-Fi camera has all security feature inbuilt for home security. The feature supports all the function and even tell the owner of the fire is entirely out or not or like if the fan is running even if there is no one in the room. The camera also has the weather monitor to indicate the climate inside or outside of the room.

    Features of this Security Camera:

    • The camera has inbuilt siren as well as climate monitor that allows the owner to plan accordingly with the weather alert too.
    • The resolution is the high definition with 1080p video and clear recorded audio.
    • The siren is of 90 decibels that help in alerting both the owner and trespassers.
    • The installation provides with 30 days of video storage, streaming in the desktop, and dual audio that is two-way audio.
    • The weather monitor detects or monitors the temperature, humidity, and air.
    • The indoor security is high with powerful HD camera and night vision.
    • This camera also integrates with the amazon Alexa or google assistant to control the camera.
    • The camera has an additional feature of direct connection with the emergency services.

    Cons of this Security Camera are:

    • The night vision of this camera is only about 20-foot in a range that cannot cover a lot of space.
    • Subscription required to get access to some of its feature.

    Frontpoint premium indoor Security Camera

    The Frontpoint premium indoor security camera is wireless as well as stylish in view. The camera has a Bluetooth speaker which allows connecting to other individuals too if they are in the Frontpoint account.

    This digital camera allows scanning of the room with the digital pan feature along with the enhanced zooming. One can customize the mobile alerts for this camera as well as have remote access through a smartphone.

    Features of this Security Camera

    • Provides clear image and videos in 1080p HD resolution with a 3.6mm lens which provides clear vision.
    • This camera has a smart two-way audio system that one can listen and talk to one another in a room with someone far.
    • The camera has a wide-angle view with 360-degree pan and 80-degree tilt rotation for the proper monitoring of the room.
    • The setup process is easy and quick so without a base station, this camera user can install this camera.
    • No subscription required to get access to its features as all the features are free.
    • This smart camera works or integrates with the Amazon Alexa as well as Google assistant.
    • This camera provides a facility of calling in just one touch to communicate or to warn.
    • The camera comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers that take the camera one step further in the tech community.
    • The motion detection system is adjustable, and one can adjust the settings as per his/her needs.
    • The design is very stylish as well as well equipped with 24/7 professional monitoring.

    Cons of this Security Camera are:

    • The Frontpoint premium camera requires a monthly fee for getting access to the app and some extra additional monthly fee.
    • Using the Bluetooth feature can slow down the camera.

    Ring Spotlight Cam

    Ring Spotlight camera is generally for the outdoor portion of the house like in the balcony, in front of the door or on the terrace. This security camera being wireless does not require to be installed near the power supply or source; it can be installed anywhere. This wireless camera runs on a rechargeable battery if not, then one can buy the option of a solar version of this camera.

    This security camera allows two-way audio or communication where one can talk with others. This camera seeks dual-band Wi-Fi connection. If the Wi-Fi connection is lost, then security is lost as it is installed outdoors.

    Features of this Security Camera

    • This wireless camera, no power cables required and the extra cost of the wires reduces.
    • No power supply required, rechargeable batteries work correctly for the camera.
    • There is a built-in spotlight for clearer visuals and images.
    • The motion-activated sensors allow detecting motion outdoors as well.
    • Works smartly with the amazon Alexa and google assistant for easy use.
    • It can launch real-time video with voice commands.
    • Allows two-way communication, listening, and talking is available.
    • Home monitoring is better as with 1080p visuals as well as night vision, and line view makes it more reliable.
    • It has inbuilt LED light strips and siren for enhanced security.
    • Installation includes lifetime theft protection.

    Cons of this Security Camera are:

    • The installation is easy, but the cost is slightly higher than the other cameras.
    • As for rechargeable batteries, the battery life is short so need charging from time to time.
    • Being wireless and with a Wi-Fi connection, the connection can be lost easily as it is installed outside.


    To sum up all, from the Security cameras mentioned above, all are providing higher security for the home working with the smart home compatibility. The cameras increase the safety of the house as well as office. Their installation in the home protects and secure it when individuals are not at home.

    From all the above security cameras the Arlo Pro is best for both the indoor and outdoor security of the houses. Its features like wireless, motion detection and smart home automation that is integrating with Amazon Alexa and google home makes it reliable than others. No other security camera but only Arlo Pro can secure home security.

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