Smart Projector

    A smart projector is a device that combines the latest technologies with smart integrated technology to stream videos and photos. A projector can be portable or fixed, but in the case of a smart projector, most of the projector is portable.

    With the connection of the latest technologies and trends, almost all the smart projectors connect to the Wi-Fi network to operate. The modern generation technology will connect with your mobile devices and home network for a euphoric experience. However, other projectors also function as the same but do not provide a seamless viewing experience.

    A Smart Projector is a video streamer with extra inputs, connectivity, and a built-in Smart Technology primarily used for entertainment and presentation purposes. Similar to other projectors, a smart projector does require some inputs like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, audio jack, and power cord.

    There is a huge variety of smart projectors in the tech market. However, features like built-in touchscreens and portable designs make some projectors different than others and smart. Some projectors are pocket-sized, and light socket LED bulb-based, which allow the user to carry wherever they want.

    Some features of Smart projector


    One of the important features of smart projectors is design. The design promotes the display of the product to the customers, and for devices like a projector, you must show the best to others. Smart projectors achieve much smaller form with their functions and capabilities factors. The smallest smart projector weight as little as a pound and fitting in your pocket. However, home entertainment based smart projectors are bigger but still offer a portable design.

    For example, if you are using your smart projectors sitting in a coffee table, then small portable projectors are the best at the moment. However, one should consider how the projector will achieve a portable design to carry easily.

    Light Source

    Today LED smart projectors are available with the latest DLP projector technology. This technology increases the lifespan of the smart projector, making it a much less investment. Similarly, 2nd-Gen LED projectors are now available with double blue light sources for increased color saturation and better display.

    Old generation bulb projectors dim over time and need change. However, LED light sources consistently shine bright over their lifespan. Similarly, LED technology avoids dimming of the projector, and allows smart projectors to shine brightly up to 30,000 hours. LED projectors run cool colors, so the fan noise issue is less.


    Smart projectors come with much smaller interfaces than standard projectors. So, the resolution is one of the prime things to go. The user should understand how he/she is going to use the projector. Which helps determine what amount of resolution you’ll need.

    For example, those users who enjoy outdoor exploration and camping, lower resolution works.

    Mini projectors are not great with better resolution. However, not all smart projectors face the same problem. 4K Smart and LED projectors are now available on the market. If the user wants a projector for home use, then 4K smart projectors are the best.


    Different integrated systems are available for controlling smart devices. Talking about smart control, two of the best ways are voice control and control through connected smartphones. Google Home and Amazon Alexa are the two best devices for voice control. However, the user can control the Smart projector through their connected smartphones using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

    For example, “Alexa, Turn on Projector” command will power on the device. Similarly, “Alexa, Mute the Projector” command will mute the sound of the projector.


    Streaming is also one of the important features of the Smart Projector. If the projector can connect to the phone or laptop, then the user can stream easily in high resolution. Depending upon the distance of the projection end, the size of the stream differs. So that the user can stream on different resolutions.

    Most of the smart projectors come with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. And these connections allow the user to stream properly.

    More Smart Features

    • Auto Focus
    • Premium Speakers
    • Height Adjustment
    • Connection ports
    • Screen monitoring and Screen Mirroring
    • Eye protection
    • Different USB Type
    • 5G support

    Advantages of Smart Projector

    • Saturated colors provide a better visual of the stream.
    • True 4K resolution available.
    • LED technology consistently shines bright up-to 30,000 hours.
    • Easily portable from place to place where needed.
    • Integrates with other third-party apps.
    • Available Voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
    • Ease of use with other mobile devices.
    • Mounting the Ceiling is no longer required.

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