Smart Watch

    What is a Smartwatch?

    Smartwatch is a simple form of computer that performs a different task similar to that of smartphones or computers. Besides these devices not only save time but also allows the user to make calls, listen to music, messaging, and more.

    Smartwatch or Connected Watch connects to the smartphone of the user via Bluetooth. This allows the user to perform tasks from the watch when the user can’t use a phone. Smartwatches come in various types, from different companies that produce smartphones and technological equipment or gadgets.

    Smartwatch, considered a portable computer varies in the internal hardware. These devices contain electronic visual display with backlit LCD or OLED display. Some watches which use transflective or electronic paper consumes less power. Most of the smartwatches are powered with a lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable through wired or wireless charging medium.

    Smartwatches make the task easy for their owner with equipped smart functions and features. Smartwatches are the peripheral devices which include digital cameras, heart rate monitors, barometers, compasses, GPS transmitters, and speakers.

    There is a slot for placing micro SD cards. Likewise, these are available for a different type of people smartwatch arrives in varieties. kid’s smartwatch, smartwatches for women, android smartwatch and smartwatches for men are popular smartwatches.

    Samsung galaxy watch active 2

    Available in different colors the watch has a bigger and customizable touchscreen and a fresh new look. All this features is available at just $280. The device is available in stainless steel or lightweight aluminum design and straps with the choice of input. The user can connect Bluetooth or LTE in two different sizes of 44mm or 40mm.

    The screen of this smartwatch is bigger than the older version of the active smartwatch. This increases the screen space and provides an uninterrupted view of the sleek body of the watch.

    The Samsung Galaxy Watch active 2 features enlarged display with a pure black screen. With a border which doesn’t seem to be there provides more space for viewing the contents of the smartwatch.

    Health support, workout tracking, heart rate tracking, connection without the phone, high battery life, apps support, and more. The watch performs as per the user requirement. Likewise, the specifications are also great, allowing the user to get an enhanced experience from the smartwatch.

    The Tizen based wearable OS 4.0 as an operating system with the battery capacity of 340mAh/ 247mAh lasts longer. However, different sensors like Accelerometer, Gyro, Barometer, HRM, and Ambient light allows the user to carry out digital tasks. Hence, the watch is worth buying.

    Apple watch series 4: Smartwatch

    The Apple watch series 4 is one of the latest smartwatches of the Apple inc. Which already has taken the wide market throughout the globe. This is one of the largest display in a smartwatch for Apple Inc. The Apple Watch Series 4 is available in the market at $399. The cellular model starts at $499 in the market.

    Available in different colors, it has GPS tracking along with the electrical and optical heart sensors. The smartwatch allows fast processing of task with equipped S4 SiP faster 64-bit dual-core processor.

    However, with improvised fall detection the enhanced accelerometer and gyroscope notifies the user before fall. Similarly, equipped with the ECG app, it measures the waveform of the heart’s rhythm to check the heartbeat.

    Apple watch series 4 has over 30% larger display than the older one also with 50% louder speaker. Most importantly the proactive health monitor is active with the ECG app of the smartwatch. This provides notification for high and low heart rate and irregular rhythm of the heart.

    There is an inbuilt workout tracking system that shows the amount of workout done by the user. Two different sizes, 40mm having 759sq mm of a display area and 44mm having 977sq mm display area. Therefore, people prefer the watch more than other watches.

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