Top Emerging Technologies

    The 21st century holds huge capabilities of Emerging technologies advancements. Development of the Internet of Things, 5G Technology, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at a peak. However, different other technologies are also in the phase of creating revolution throughout the globe.

    Every technological development has its unbeatable market in the digital world. According to CompTIA, these technologies have huge business and financial opportunities. Technological development is the development of humanity and the growth of the digital market throughout the world.

    Here are the 10 Emerging Technologies providing a better life today and securing the future tomorrow.

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    One of the most used technology in today’s generation is the Internet of Things (IoT). Most importantly, IoT is driving the generation to the next level. Everyone in the technology and digital world hears the term Internet of Things. IoT may prefer different things to many people. However, it is a fast-growing technology for new business if they start adding relevant IoT technology with their existing business model.

    Hence, IoT is the first in the list of top 10 emerging technologies in 2019.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Artificial intelligence (AI), is also called as machine intelligence in computer science. AI is intelligence possessed by machines different from the intelligence displayed by humans. Different professional learning AI textbooks define it as the field of study of “intelligent agents.” Any device that gets information and reacts to maximize the chance of successfully achieving its task is AI devices.

    The term Artificial Intelligence is for defining the power of the computer to interact with the user as per the user wants. Different capable machines use different technology to perceive and react to different situations.

    5G Technology

    5G technology is one of the latest innovations in the digital market. However, with the implementation in the working market, 5G has got a huge market in less time. 5G technology was in the testing stage for long years however, with the approval, it is in implementation currently.

    Different countries have adopted 5G technology in their working environment, which has raised questions related to their advantages as well as disadvantage of 5G?

    Serverless Computing

    Serverless computing is the process of using backend services to administer and carry out the task. Any company that wants serverless computing can purchase or rent the backend services from the serverless vendors.

    Serverless Computing allows enterprises to work in the NoOps IT environment. The automated service can abstract the network through the underlying infrastructure. This practice will reduce the operational cost and allows to invest in a new system.


    The current trend and practices of financial transactions online are very high. Likewise, almost every individual uses an online transaction. But How safe is online transactions? No-one knows.

    Blockchain is one of the best technologies for internet transactions. Many organizations are exploring as well as implementing this technology for managed and secure online transactions. Blockchain technology yet is not legal in many countries. However, the use of blockchain technology will improve the current scenario of online transactions.


    Robotics is one of the modest and helpful technology in practice. Many of the big enterprises use robots for daily work as well as factory work. Applying robotics in business means to save time, reduce cost, and achieve greater efficiency.

    Currently, in the present scenario, many of the difficult tasks are performed by robots. This practice reduces life risks as well as increases unemployment. So, robotics is in controversy about how the technological world is going to use?


    The trend of the biometric methods for identifying the identity is at a peak. As many organizations use biometric for different purposes. Most of the organizations use biometrics for attendance and evaluating punctuality.

    The biometric recognition method includes face and fingerprint recognition. However, some advanced biometric devices are capable of retina scans and voice recognition methods. This biometric method can provide a secure foundation for developing companies moving forward.

    3D Printing

    This technology is helpful for small companies but developing fast. 3D printing offers a Huge solution for slow production rate methods. With more affordable products in the localhost, the more the company grows.

    The scope for 3D printing is increasing day by day as many of the organization has adopted this method for increasing production.

    Virtual reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR)

    One of the fine creations of AI and IoT together is AR and VR. Mixing both AR and VR with AI technology can improve the operational and functional efficiency of the organization. However, the individual productivity of the organization also improves with AR and VR technology.


    Drones are also considered as a part of robotics and AI together. One of the major functions for its development is for monitoring and security purposes. Drones enable robotic automation with fewer restrictions.

    Drone technology is also advancing day by day and has been active for many years now. And drones will help organizations for monitoring and security purposes.


    Hence, we can state that every Emerging Technologies has a positive benefit for organizations. These technologies will enhance the current scenario of life to another level. However, every technology arises with both merits and d-merits. It depends upon the user: How does he or she use technology?

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